Sánchez Casal Academy // Setting the Industry Standard from Naples

Sánchez Casal Academy // Setting the Industry Standard from Naples

Sánchez Casal Academy produces top notch tennis from Naples and prides itself on world renowned instruction, a close-knit community & all around professionalism.

Whether your sights are set on competing among the best in the world or to make the local team’s starting lineup, Sánchez Casal Academy constructs a program that’s simply unmatched around the globe. With 35 clay courts and three hard courts encompassing an all-inclusive Naples Bath and Tennis Club, the tennis academy, international school, premier training regime, and family-feel provide the ideal environment for every student to reach their goals, and more.

Membership // Junior Academy Options // Adults // Overview

Sánchez Casal Academy originated from its Barcelona location and has since grown after immense success and proven tactics that have produced dozens of juniors who compete on the professional circuit and at the collegiate level. In its fourth year in Naples, the full-time academy sees an average of 30 annual players who dream of competing at their highest potential. With options ranging from seasonal, week-long camps to monthly camps to an annual academy, their customizable program will structure your training and competition towards your desired level. Reigning from the largest tennis facility in Southwest Florida, Sánchez Casal Academy draws international attention that continues to expand year after year. No matter your tennis goals, the impressive staff departments in Naples ensure your satisfaction in every area.

Membership products are attainable at Naples Bath and Tennis, as Emilio Sánchez Vicario manages the facility and presents an attractive package full of year-round activities on and off the court. For short-term memberships, you will have access to the tennis courts, organized morning play (FREE hour of play at 8:30am), league play, an olympic-sized pool and jacuzzi, steam room/sauna, and the fitness center. Join the active community of over 500 total members that are already enjoying incredible packages. Prices and rates are listed below:

Daily Pass:

Single (Nov. – May) : $25 • Family (Nov. – May): $40 • Single (June – October): $20 • Family (June – October) : $35

Weekly Pass:

Single: $120/week • Family: $180/week • Single (Pool only): $60/week • Family (Pool Only): $90/week

Monthly Pass:

Single: $400/month • Family: $600/month • Single (Pool only): $240/month • Family (Pool only): $330/month

For those who are interested in becoming involved in any of the academy programs, utilizing the restaurant, partaking in member events, shopping the Pro Shop, incorporating private lessons, and the like, inclusive membership rates are available at both monthly and annual rates. There are four different tiers: Tennis Full, Tennis Only, Fitness Full, and Social/Pool. Discounts on certain products are available, depending on your membership level, and rates/ initiation fees range in price depending on your tier. Contact the Academy for rates at 239-263-1818.

11 full time teaching professionals provide the highest level of instruction to students of every level. From the age of four to 14, your junior tot can partake in after-school tennis and work their way up to part-time or full-time programming with the Academy, should they desire. Below are the junior tennis programs offered through Sánchez Casal:

Red Ball (4-5 years old): Tues/Thurs: 4:30-5:30pm ; 1 day: $70/month; 2 days: $120/month

Mini Tennis (Orange: 5-7 years old): Tues/Thurs: 4:30-5:30pm; 1 day: $70/month; 2 days: $120/month

Pre-Initiation (Green: 7-9 years old): Tues/Thurs: 4:30-5:30pm; 1 day: $115/month; 2 days: $205/month

Initiation (8-12 years old): Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 4:30-5:30pm; 1 day: $152/month; 2 days: $288/month; 3 days: $408/month

Pre-Formation (10-14 years old): Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 4:30-5:30pm; 1 day: $230/month; 2 days: $440/month; $630/month

Beyond these after-school classes, the Academy becomes available for a more intensified and structured program. You have the option to commit to a week-long period, or on a monthly or annual basis. If your schedule allows for three months, for example, you will be able to custom-pick your program based on your availability. The staff and admissions department of the Academy recommend a “trial-run” of the program before annual commitments to ensure a perfect fit on both ends. Their weekly option is the most popular, simply because you are able to decide how many weeks you wish to attend during any time of the year. Their varying special deals also offer discounts depending on when you book.

Regarding the annual program, which runs for 10 months, your student will live in the community, if over 12 years old, in an apartment that feels more like a comfortable home, rather than a confined dormitory. Schooling at ES International School offers a personalized classroom feel right next to the tennis facilities. School can include language courses if you so choose. Annual programs run throughout the course of a natural school year, with an extra two weeks of training before and after a normal schooling schedule. If traveling appeals to you, the Intercontinental Program allows for half of your training to be done at the Barcelona-based campus and the second half to be completed in Naples. With a paralleling system, this capability to choose your desired location allows for an exclusive opportunity that presents incredible benefits.  Schedules vary depending on age, but a typical day consists of breakfast at 6:45 am, tennis from 7:15-10:15am, school followed by lunch, school until 3:45pm, and then one hour of fitness to end the day.

If you choose the monthly program, you should attend anywhere from three to six months; a semester-long program is available which would also include schooling. Monthly students endure four hours of tennis and two hours of fitness.

Weekly programming sees the most traffic and truly gives a perfect feel for the overall vibe of the campus and training lifestyle. With an option to live on-site and to even add language courses, the weekly training can determine whether you’d like to commit to the annual, full-time regimen or simply allows for intense drilling during your stay in Naples. A full day consists of a bit higher level of intensity, totaling 21 hours of tennis, nine hours of fitness, eight hours of language classes if necessary and two hours of mental training per week. Half days are also available if your schedule permits.

An Adult Program through the Academy also promotes play to any age and skill level during certain times of the year with a personalized ratio of 4:1. Whether you’re attending a business trip in the area or the parent of a full-time student, these structured programs offer specialized play with proven results. Sessions run November 11-13, January 14-16, February 24-26, and the full week of March 13-17. Also available are week-long sessions of Gold, Silver or Bronze levels, depending on your schedule and commitment level.

Gold: 5 days, Monday- Friday (or weekend); two hours of tennis/day; 1 hour fitness & stretching/day

Silver: 2 days; two hours of tennis/day; 1 hour of fitness/day

Bronze: 5 days; two hours of tennis/day

Member events and tournaments fill the annual calendar at Naples Bath and Tennis. Whether it’s running a junior event or traveling to another tournament, the coaching staff and students at ASC are always focusing on striving to reach the next level. Certain notable events hosted at ASC in 2017 are the Women’s ITF Pro Circuit $25K May 7-14, USTA National L3 for BG 12U January 21-23, and the Les Grandes Dames JoAnne Russell Cup from February 15-19, which sees over 300 players.

With students from all over the world, the admissions department and Sánchez Casal Academy staff knows that your decision to join their program will be an incredibly important one. During the weekly or monthly program and before committing to the annual schedule, the staff will discuss all of the options and requirements with the family. They are engaging the entire family and allowing them to understand that each student will be joining one, large community, which allows for the best experience possible. Annual training and tournament schedules will be discussed, along with housing options, workout routines, and a personalized plan.

According to Emilio, this “boutique academy” truly is smaller and more personalized to deliver a service to the student that makes them the most successful. Emilio notes the the passion and drive presented from each of the coaches gives the kids the tools they need to succeed and develop. “We are creating the maximum amount of opportunities for the player,” Emilio notes in regards to the style of training at ASC. With enormous amounts of opportunity presented both on the court and off the court, I was impressed and could easily envision why ASC has grown to represent one of the most successful academies around the globe.

Even the Director of the International School, Dan Green, understands that the correct balance between high performance tennis and a rigorous education will be the key to success. “It’s a structured lifestyle in a great environment with small classes and tennis,” Green said. There’s not as much online schooling as other academies; their teachers specialize in certain areas, according to Green.

When relocating to a new area, schooling becomes an incredibly important concern. When your child shows impeccable athletic ability, their training may take precedence. With Sanchez Casal Academy, your needs are met among all areas of importance. Through my time spent among the Academy staff members, coaches, trainers and students, I understand the ASC difference. You’re not a number, you’re among family. It’s not their way or nothing. It’s your way. Do you prefer specific on-court training and additional fitness circuits? Not a problem. Interested in incorporating private workouts while still prioritizing match play? Taken care of. Sánchez Casal Academy brings to light that world class tennis can and will be catered to your standards. Their brilliant classroom and on-court ratios ensure that their focus is on you, like you expect and like it should be. Trust in their methodology that has led hundreds to return to their structured programming for impeccable training in a personalized setting.

Just minutes from the Naples Pier, sandy beaches, abundant shopping and restaurants, the lively and quaint downtown streets of Naples, and within close proximity to the highways and airport, Sánchez Casal Academy’s prime location appeals to visitors and residents. The foundation of this program began with Emilio Sánchez Vicario, who reached a record #7 ATP World Ranking, was Spanish Team Captain, Davis Cup Champion in 2008, a gold medalist as a coach in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, held a #1 ranking ATP in doubles, and silver Olympic medalist in Seoul 1988 with tennis partner Sergio Casal. Through his strength of teaching, educating and coaching, Sánchez Casal Academy has grown to become widely renowned and recognized. Allow tennis take over your itinerary in Naples, and let us know about your experience at Sánchez Casal Academy.

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To reach Sánchez Casal Academy, visit their website at http://www.asc-florida.com or call them at 239-263-1818.


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Amazing place

You have to see it to believe. Wish I had a place like IMG Academy available to me when I was younger. As a parent this in an amazing place to send your kid to put them in a position to achieve their goals.

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