Jimmy Evert & George English Tennis Centers // Tennis Traditions and Legacies Live on in Lauderdale

Jimmy Evert & George English Tennis Centers // Tennis Traditions and Legacies Live on in Lauderdale

Play tennis in Fort Lauderdale just minutes from impeccable beaches, affluent SoFlo vibes, & unparalleled waterways at the Jimmy Evert and George English Tennis Centers.

Both centers fall under the City of Fort Lauderdale Parks and Recreation, yet their management, design, and ultimate background has provided the utmost in tennis for decades. Both the Jimmy Evert and George English Tennis Centers pride themselves on fundamentals, professionalism and all around satisfaction. As they have both set the standard of tennis in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll soon recognize the abundant opportunities awaiting on these nearby courts.

Jimmy Evert, a household name due to his accomplishments and growing the overall Evert name in Florida, established the current proshop at the Jimmy Evert Tennis Center in 1997. The venue has since grown over time and currently provides 18 lighted clay courts, three hard courts and eight full time teaching professionals who engage the game of tennis to any and all. Players of the likes of Jennifer Capriati, Jim Courier, Sam Querry, Andy Roddick and the Bryan Brothers have competed for titles on these courts. The Jimmy Evert Tennis Center (JETC) provides the overall quality you’d expect from a public and secluded venue at an affordable rate with public options. Dive right in to South Florida tennis with abundant opportunities awaiting at JETC.

The George English Tennis Center offers seven lighted hard courts to the public and sits just a mile down the road from JETC. Utilized as a satellite site during tournaments yet offering its own, unique programming, the George English Tennis Center creates another option for court time in Fort Lauderdale to fulfill all of your tennis needs.

Although open to the public, you have the opportunity to purchase an Annual Pass that allots for discounted lessons, access to court reservations and more. Pass holders have the ability to utilize their benefits at both the Jimmy Evert and George English Centers. Annual membership fees run as follows:

  • Individual: $245 residents; $368 non-resident
  • Couple: $420 residents; $630 non-residents
  • Family: $480 residents; $720 non-residents
  • Junior (Under 18): $50 residents; $90 non-residents
  • Senior Individual (65+): $215 residents; $322 non-residents
  • Senior Couple (65+): $390 residents; $585 non-residents
  • Ball Machine: $140 residents; $260 non-residents
  • Ball Machine Family: $220 residents; $330 non-residents

Rates for non- pass holders run as follows:

Jimmy Evert Tennis Center:

  • Before 5pm: $6 resident; $9 non-resident; Ball Machine: $10 resident; $15 non- resident
  • After 5pm: $7 resident; $10.50 non-resident; Ball Machine: $10 resident; $15 non-resident

George English Tennis Center:

  • Before 5pm: $3 resident; $4.50 non-resident; Ball Machine: $10 resident; $15 non- resident
  • After 5pm: $4 resident; $6 non-resident; Ball Machine: $10 resident; $15 non- resident

If your travels only allot for seasonal visits as opposed to an annual commitment, JETC offers six week sessions to fit your personal needs. Each session includes Standard Clinics, Toddler Clinics or Youth Match play. Thus, your programming is taken care of and scheduled, and all you have to worry about is whether you’ll head to the beach, to happy hour, or to the nearest water taxi afterwards. Rates are as follows for these sessions:

  • Standard Clinic Prices: $60/ session resident; $90/session non-resident
  • Toddler Clinic Prices: $45/session resident; $67.50/session non-resident
  • Youth Match Play: $105 per 14 week session resident; $157.50 non-resident

These sessions allow both juniors and adults to work on their games in Fort Lauderdale, but if you’re looking for a more structured setting with daily options, look no further. Jimmy Evert and George English Tennis Centers have your weekly schedules taken care of regarding sharpening up your doubles strategies all the way down to introducing your toddler to the court.

For adults, an Early Bird Doubles session at George English from 7:30-9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays lets your enjoy the rest of your day after a solid morning session. On Friday afternoons, Round Robins at both centers create an upbeat atmosphere during these drop-ins. From 10:30am-noon on Fridays at George English and/or 7-9pm on Fridays and 2-4pm on Sundays at JETC, your match play will be abundant at these weekly Round Robin events. Over 30 players attend these match play functions, giving you the ability to see different styles of play and pair with familiar faces in one location. Intermediate adults can compete from 9:30-10:30am on Fridays at George English, just in time for the Round Robin, or they can attend the intermediate session at JETC on Mondays or Wednesdays from 6-7pm if their schedule permits. Adults just picking up the game can drop by the Monday/ Wednesday Beginner sessions from 7-8pm at JETC to work on fundamentals.

If you’re in search of a more social scene, Parties and Mixers are open to the public and welcome the public to entertain both tennis and refreshments curtsied at JETC. Oftentimes, the staff at JETC provides the main course and grilling items and refreshments while guests offer their famous homemade or store-bought treats for a friendly potluck event. The pros will compete in front of the crowd while round robin matches, a fastest serve contest, ball machine games and shoot-outs will be engaging others. These are seasonal events you won’t want to surpass, especially the season ending party scheduled around spring break 2017. You’ll want to bring your A game and prepare for nothing short of fun and friendly tennis at JETC.

If it’s League Play you’re in the market for, look no further for USTA, IOLA (women-only) and Broward County Local Leagues. Offering seven total league types and over 10 teams each year, JETC rivals the industry in local and competitive match play.

One standout aspect of the George English Tennis Center is their incredibly successful wheelchair program, which provides tennis-specific sports chairs to participants and a certified teaching pro. Practice runs on Wednesdays from 6-9pm year round and is absolutely FREE of charge. Regular attendance numbers run right under 10 each session – Superb!

Juniors can always sharpen their skills and enjoy tennis alongside their classmates, neighbors, or new pals at JETC and George English. On Mondays and Wednesdays at JETC, the Future Stars (Ages 6-9) will practice from 4-5pm right before the 10-14 year olds will hit the courts from 5-6pm. On Tuesdays, the 14-17 year olds will grind for 3-5pm at JETC. At George English, Tuesdays offers 6-9 year olds a chance to play from 2:45-3:45pm and the 10-14 year olds an opportunity from 4-5pm.  Wednesdays at George English bring out the Pee-Wees (5 year olds) from 5-5:45pm. If it’s match play your competitive student is seeking, JETC allots courts from 4:30-6pm on Fridays just for them. On Saturdays at George English, Toddlers can play from 8:30-9am or 11-11:30am. The Members Only Youth Clinic for Ages 6+ runs from 9-10am; Intermediate/ Advanced juniors (Ages 10+) can drills from 10-11am as well. George English creates an exciting and recreational atmosphere on the courts from 11am-12pm on Saturdays for anyone under 18 years old during FREE PLAY.

Summer camps promote seasonal play for juniors at George English Tennis Center. Offered over nine weeks of the summer, your junior can work on the fundamentals of backhands, enjoy an afternoon in the park, and even utilize the sailing facility if time allows while in the area.

Tournaments reign at JETC, as they have played host to abundant nationally renowned events for decades that have produced the highest quality of names to make the trip to South Florida. For locals the Fort Lauderdale Triple Crown, which takes place over three separate weekends for doubles, mixed doubles and singles competition. In its 63rd year, this event brings out over 100 different participants competing for the “crown.”  Registration is $20 for first event and $10 for each additional event. Skill level typically ranges from 3.0 level and above. For over 10 years, JETC has hosted the USTA Adult National Clay Court Tournament in May, and this event draws attention from the highest level of players. For juniors, JETC has played host to the USTA Boys 14s Clay Court National Tournament each year since 1976. With world-class players having grown up through junior tennis tournaments like this one, you’re bound to witness some of the up-and-coming junior boys that could soon make a name for themselves in the “big league.” This year’s Adult tournament will run May 13-19, 2017, and the junior event will run July 16-22, 2017.

Private and group lessons are also sought after at these centers, with rates running as follows:

  • 30 minutes: $28 members; $33 non-members
  • 1 hour: $53 members; $55 non-member

By continuing the legacy and tradition of Jimmy Evert alive through Fort Lauderdale, the Jimmy Evert and George English Tennis Centers pride themselves on just that. With tennis open to everyone who sets foot on property, these centers are heavily utilized and see large amounts of play year-round. With unique events presented to the public, followed up with accessible programming, these venues present both quality and quantity. The tenure of the staff at the centers rivals many centers around the nation, and their ability to uphold the values that Jimmy Evert presented for decades creates a notable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. JETC is situated in well-kept Holiday Park, and George English Tennis Center is part of the George English Park. Holiday Park includes everything from soccer, football, baseball, and pickle ball to a War Memorial and venue for concerts and festivals. George English Park is a 20 acre waterfront park with access to sailing, basketball, fishing and other facilities.

Both centers are just blocks from the water and surrounded by plentiful social, recreational and enjoyable opportunities. JETC is just five minutes from famous Las Olas Blvd and the Riverwalk area while George English is no more than 6 blocks from the sandy, pristine beaches. With the airport located about 15-20 minutes away from both centers, you can easily navigate to your next tennis destination. Fort Lauderdale’s famous nightlife, beach scene, art centers and so much more will be just minutes away once you complete your court time. Come experience the legacy of the Everts in Fort Lauderdale, and let us suggest that your itinerary should feature tennis in SoFlo.

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